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Rearrange a story about The Smartest Parrot into a good paragraph

 The smartest Parrot

(1) At the first, the man was very nice to the bird but then he got very angry. “You stupid bird!” pointed the man to the parrot. “Why can’t you say the word? Say Catano! Or I will kill you” the man said angrily. Although he tried hard to teach, the parrot would not say it. Then the man got so angry and shouted to the bird over and over; “Say Catano or I’ll kill you”. The bird kept not to say the word of Catano.

(2) Once upon time, a man had a wonderful parrot. There was no other parrot like it. The parrot could say every word, except one word. The parrot would not say the name of the place where it was born. The name of the place was Catano.

(3) The next day, the man came back to the chicken house. He opened the door and was very surprised. He could not believe what he saw at the chicken house. There were three death chickens on the floor. At the moment, the parrot was standing proudly and screaming at the last old chicken; “Say Catano or I’ll kill you”.

(4) One day, after he had been trying so many times to make the bird say Catano, the man really got very angry. He could not bear it. He picked the parrot and threw it into the chicken house. There were four old chickens for next dinner “You are as stupid as the chickens. Just stay with them” Said the man angrily. Then he continued to humble; “You know, I will cut the chicken for my meal. Next it will be your turn, I will eat you too, stupid parrot”. After that he left the chicken house.

(5) The man felt excited having the smartest parrot but he could not understand why the parrot would not say Catano. The man tried to teach the bird to say Catano however the bird kept not saying the word.




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Voni slide speaking

Voni slide speaking

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Learning speaking

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How to Teach Kids to Listen

Quick Tips To Get Kids to Listen
1. Be clear and pleasant
2. Avoid nagging
3. Use humor
4. Phrase things in a new way
5. Be concise – can you say short attention span?
6. Never baby talk to a small child
7. Avoid negatives. Instead of Don’t Run, say Walk Only.
8. Don’t talk down – expect maturity and you’re more likely to get it
9. Don’t back down or kids won’t know when you’re serious
10. Check for understanding by asking the child to repeat what you said
11. Make a game out of story time – lock lips and put the key in your pocket

sumber (http://leladavidson.hubpages.com/hub/How_to_Teach_Kids_to_Listen)

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Learn Fruit

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Descriptive (Things around the classroom)

Descriptive text is a text which says
what a person or a thing is like. Its
purpose is to describe and reveal a
particular person, place, or thing.
The description text has dominant
language features as follows:
1. Using Simple Present Tense
2. Using action verbs
3. Using passive voice
4. Using noun phrase
5. Using adverbial phrase
6. Using technical terms
7. Using general and abstract noun
8. Using conjunction of time
and cause-effect.
1. Classroom
2. White board
3. Black board
4. Table
5. Chair
6. Cupboard
7. Door
8. Window
9. Organization Chart
10. Marker
11. Wall picture
12. Chalk
13. Eraser
14. Ruler
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