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How to Teach Kids to Listen

pada November 22, 2011

Quick Tips To Get Kids to Listen
1. Be clear and pleasant
2. Avoid nagging
3. Use humor
4. Phrase things in a new way
5. Be concise – can you say short attention span?
6. Never baby talk to a small child
7. Avoid negatives. Instead of Don’t Run, say Walk Only.
8. Don’t talk down – expect maturity and you’re more likely to get it
9. Don’t back down or kids won’t know when you’re serious
10. Check for understanding by asking the child to repeat what you said
11. Make a game out of story time – lock lips and put the key in your pocket

sumber (http://leladavidson.hubpages.com/hub/How_to_Teach_Kids_to_Listen)


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